1. Dock
  2. Material Matters
  3. Tea House
  4. Philips Loft
  5. Holiday House 
  6. Color study
  7. Farm 
  8. Piano House
  9. Cartboard space
  10. Tourist 


  1. Vangrailbank
  2. Construction Esthetics
  3. Blow


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2. Material Matters

A different starting point for architecture

While the architect’s method mostly depends on digital models, renders and Photoshop, the material outcome of that method – the matter – is anything but digital. If, as an architect, you let your process be guided by the ways in which architecture is defined by our embodied experience and the relationship between material and space, a different starting point emerges. At Mato, we therefore consider the architect not only as a thinker who works in a digital and virtual world, but also as a maker close to the material. Instead of working from method to matter, matter is the fundamental starting point of the architectural design process, because we are looking for the tactile, material and atmosphere determining aspects of a space.

It is not the translation of method to matter but rather matter as method that formsmy vision as an architect.